May 2018 Phoenix Real Estate Local Market Statistics

May 2018 Phoenix Real Estate Statistics ARMLS® COPYRIGHT 2018

With home inventory low and prices high, the PAR ARMLS Phoenix Metro market needs an influx of homes to rent. If you have a home to rent, or are interested in renting your home, call us today at (602) 753-0333 Here are some of the numbers in the ARMLS region for May. You can read more by clicking here:

Total Monthly Sales: 9,913

Sales are up 10.3% from last month, showing the summer months are hot in Phoenix real estate. From last year, sales are up 2.8%.


Total Inventory: 20,676

Total dropping 12.1% from last year. This not only makes homes with on the lower end of the spectrum hard to get into, it shows that more rental homes are needed in the market for families starting out.


Average Sales Price: $362,500

Average new list prices are up 5.1% since last year. As home prices rise, the market needs more rental homes, as fewer people can afford to buy.


Average Days on Market: 63

Days on market is down 9 days since last year, while decreasing by 3 since last month. As usual for summers in Phoenix, this shows that homes are selling faster.



Home prices are high. Homes are selling faster. There are just not enough homes in the price range most people want in the ARMLS PAR region, and when they come onto the market, they’re snapped up fast.

What does all of this mean? It’s a great time to have a Phoenix investment home, and a great time to rent a home in Phoenix! Check out our available rentals at:

Call us today at: (602) 753-0333 for more information about renting out your home in Phoenix.

All County is here for you!

4 Reasons You Should Rent Instead of Buy

4 Reasons You Should Rent Instead of Buy

There are many reasons people would want to buy a home in Phoenix. We have great weather, beautiful scenery, and a rich culture. But why not rent instead? Here are 4 reasons you should rent instead of buy a home in Phoenix.

1. You won’t have to fix the dishwasher yourself

Or the roof, or the leaky faucet, or the fence. This could put extra cash in your pocket, and extra time to spend it. Take your weekends to explore the desert landscapes of our state, instead of pounding nails and sweating.

2. You can move if your don’t like your neighborhood

Have you ever talked to someone with homebuyer’s remorse? It’s not pretty. If you buy in the wrong neighborhood, its hard to change your mind. Why not rent in the neighborhood first, and see if it’s really the right place for you? We know Phoenix neighborhoods, and can help you find the right fit for your family.

3. You can change your home as your family changes

Is your family growing? No problem. Move up to a bigger place.

Empty nesters with too many rooms and too much yard work? Downsize. Renting can take the pain out of changing homes. When the lease ends, we can find you something that suits you better.

4. You can keep your freedom

Are you in college, or job shopping? You might want to move, and do it quickly if that great offer comes in from across town, or in a different state. Renting gives you this freedom.

When renting, you have the ability to move into different neighborhoods. Renting allows you to move around and explore.

Renting also allows you to spend your weekends golfing, taking a 4-wheeler into the desert, or even going up in a gas balloon! The world is your oyster, when you don’t spend all of your time fixing up your home.

And then, as always, should you want to buy a home, All County® can help you with that, too. We work with realtors to make your move from renting to buying a seamless transition for your family. Call us today at: (602) 753-0333 for more information about renting a home in Phoenix or buying a home in Phoenix to use as an investment property.

Whether you’re buying or renting, All County® is here for you! Check out our available rentals at:

We Use Listen360 Technology to Listen to Customers

We Use Listen360 Technology to Listen to Customers

Communication is Everything

In the property management business, communication is everything. At All County Prestige, we know that. We use the latest technology, Listen360, to hear what our owners and tenants have to say.

The Good, the Bad, and the ugly


We’re proud of every good response we get back from our Listen360 surveys, but even more important than the good things our clients say about us, we want to know what our customers need.

Our short survey goes out quarterly, and asks for a star rating and a short comment. All of these are posted immediately to our dashboard, where our property managers can see them.


There, we have a chance to pick up anything that might have slipped through the cracks. We have a maintenance portal and other ways to tell us what you need, but sometimes extra is needed. When our customers fill out their quarterly survey, we have the chance to give that extra bit of service we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Communication is Everything


Yes, we’ve already talked about this. But it is so important, we’re listing it again. Our owners and tenants need to know that they can reach us if needed. Our maintenance portal is online and can be used anytime. And Listen360 gives that extra bit of feedback that we need to be the best.

Sharing Our Successes

As we said, we are happy to get back good reviews from our customers, and are sharing some of them here. To see the complete list of reviews in text, go to:

Remember, we’re all in this together!