6 Times You'll be glad you Hired a Property Manager

One reason is that an experienced property manager, spending no more money than you would spend yourself, can easily and efficiently manage your property while you live your life. He knows the most reliable vendors to use to maintain your home, the appropriate legal experts to deal with problem tenants, and has the infrastructure to handle issues that may arise at inconvenient times. Here are 6 times you’ll be glad you hired a property manager.

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Why you should have Phoenix investment property in 2019

The 2019 ARMLS market in Phoenix shows home prices that are continuing to rise. The housing market needs an influx of rental homes! Why not take advantage of this, and make this the year you enter the rental market? Here’s why you should have Phoenix investment property in 2019. Continue reading →

June 2019 Phoenix Real Estate Statistics

June 2019 Phoenix Real Estate Statistics: May and June were both exceptionally strong with June having $3,265,463,755 in dollar volume, the highest total for any June in ARMLS history. As an added caveat, there was one less business day this year compared to 2018, making this year’s total that much more impressive. As we reach the halfway point for the year, 2019 ranks as the best year on record. Continue reading →