How to Keep your Tenants Happy

How to Keep your Tenants Happy

Most people get into real estate for profit.

Want good ROI (Return on Investment) from your residential investment properties? Keeping your units rented is one of the most important parts of getting that return high. But keeping your property rented can be difficult, and take a lot of time and effort. So hire a property manager. Think it’s too expensive? Believe it or not, good property management can help make your investment more profitable than if you ran it yourself, with a lot less effort, giving you time to expand your business. Here are a few tips about how to keep your tenants happy.

Select Tenants Carefully

Stable renters in your properties means low vacancy rates, and tenants who pay their bills and take care of the property. Therefore, choosing your tenants carefully is very important. Doing this by yourself can be time consuming, and it’s tempting to skimp on the time it takes to do it right. Property management companies have processes in place to screen tenants thoroughly, to make sure you get the most stable renters. All County® uses a thorough screening process to get detailed backgrounds and reports for every applicant, thus keeping your vacancy numbers low.

Plan Ahead for a Change of Tenants

When your tenant turns in their intention to move, what’s your next step? All County® requires a 30-day notice before a tenant leaves, and shows your property while the tenant still in residence, assuring low vacancy. All County® takes care of the lease renewal and finds a new quality tenant for you.

Keep Tenants as Long as Possible

Tenants stay at a well maintained property longer, and if their maintenance requests are taken care of quickly, they’re satisfied. All County® performs regular inspections of the property to check for any problems. We have an online maintenance portal, including an emergency line that assures punctual help for tenants. The people who fix our properties provide us with great service at the lowest possible prices. Happy tenants mean owners are successful.

Call All County® for Help

You have Phoenix, Arizona investment property, and you want it to be profitable. To make good profits, you need low vacancy, and that means happy tenants. Tenants want well-maintained homes.

All County® Colorado Springs help you get this done, so you have time to expand your business. Visit: for more information on how we can help you find and keep the very best tenants.

Ready to let us help you increase your profits? Call All County® right now, at: (602) 753-0333. We’ll help to make tenant management easy for you!

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