All in a Property Manager's Week
All in a property manager’s week: Every week, the folks at All County® work hard for our owners and residents. Emergency phone calls come in at all hours. We receive requests for maintenance, schedule the jobs, and check up on the repairs. We rent new properties and advertise the properties we have. Here are some of the things that happen in a property manager’s week.

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7 benefits of hiring a property manager
7 benefits to hiring a property manager: Managing your own investment property may seem like the thrifty thing to do. After all, a property manager will charge you to manage your rental home, so why not do it yourself?

One reason is that an experienced property manager, spending no more money than you would spend yourself, can easily and efficiently manage your property while you live your life. Continue reading →

Gilbert Arizona is named after William Gilbert. But what does that have to do with the real estate market in Arizona?

We’ll tell you.

William Gilbert owned land that he allowed the Arizona Eastern Railway to use. In what is now Gilbert, a rail siding was established. The Railway used his land, and its passengers bought his crops.
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