How to Pick a Property Manager you can Trust

Posted: October 18, 2019
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To trust or not to trust?

If you are interviewing property managers, how do you pick a property manager you can trust? There is one important question to ask. Are they a member of NARPM® (the National Association of Residential Property Managers)?

This week, the 31st Annual NARPM® Convention & Trade Show was right here in Phoenix, so this is a good week to write about NARPM®, and our connection to them.

A NARPM® member is sure to stand apart from other property managers and landlords. That’s because to earn a NARPM® designation, a property manager has to pass rigorous requirements. They need all the things you want:

  • Training

  • Experience

  • Recommendations

  • Community responsibility

  • Continuing education

They must continue to accrue these things in order to move up the NARPM® ladder to become fully certified.

Some of the things NARPM® property managers have are:

  • Access to numerous and (proper) educational opportunities.

  • Knowledge of important pending legislative items that may affect you.

  • Knowledge of rent values and vacancy factors for your area.

  • Expertise in creating rental applications. Consistent screening policies to meet legal obligations.

  • Expertise in performing thorough move-in and move-out property evaluations.

  • Relationships with reputable painters, electricians, roofers, chimney cleaners, carpenters, landscapers, furnace and appliance repairmen, and other maintenance professionals. (We call them vendors.)

  • Effective negotiation techniques with tenants, so they can handle difficult issues and enforce rental agreements.

  • The ability to recover NSF checks, evict tenants, and collect bad debts.

How to Pick a Property Manager you can Trust

All County® Prestige is small, and trustworthy. We have 2 employees with NARPM® designations, and are ready to serve you now. Call us today to find out more about what we can do for you! (719) 445-7172

All County Prestige NARPM Designations
All County Prestige NARPM Designations

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