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Posted: May 5, 2021
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We want you to be a successful landlord, whether you hire us or not. Through our 30+ years of experience, I’ve come up with answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) new landlords have. We thought we'd share some of them with you.

FAQ #1 - What is your inspection process like?

One of the most important parts of professional property management is property maintenance. At the core of maintenance is the All County® Prestige Inspection Process.

In summary, we have five different kinds of inspections:

1. All County® Monthly Drive-by Inspection

2. All County® Move-out Inspection

3. All County® Move-in Inspection

4. Tenant Move-in Inspection

5. Tenant Lease-renewal Inspection

6. Vendor Comments

FAQ #2 - How long does it take to get a tenant?

Q: How long does it take to get a tenant?

A: All County® Prestige will begin marketing your home right away, even before it is ready to rent. Various elements can affect the time of vacancies such as price, amenities, location, and the condition of the rental. We know that a vacancy is costly, and you deserve the most suitable occupants at the earliest opportunity. We do this through various marketing platforms. We place a sign at the home, but we also advertise online to get your property to as many eyes as possible. We market to all the major rental sites like Zillow, plus Facebook and Instagram.

FAQ #3 - What if my tenants don't pay rent?

Q: What if my tenants don’t pay rent?

A: We have established processes to collect rent, and believe placing responsible tenants in your property is the best way to avoid non-payment. To accomplish this, we do thorough background checks and credit evaluations before anyone becomes your tenant. We offer the tenant different methods to use to pay rent, including the use a credit card if necessary. This makes it far more likely the tenant will pay on time. Our website lists organizations that the tenant can contact for assistance when times get tough.

The lease agreement the tenant signs clearly lays out what happens if rent doesn’t come in on time. They’re charged late fees, and face the possibility of eviction if failure to pay occurs. We stay right on top of rent collection. In the event they have to be evicted, we have an attorney who handles all the paperwork, and we appear in court for you.

FAQ #4 - How is maintenance handled?

Q: How is maintenance handled?

A: When a tenant needs maintenance, they use the tenant maintenance portal. All conversations through this portal are recorded. We then contact the owner, you, to let you know a maintenance request has come in. We contact one of our approved vendors, and he goes to the property to make an estimate. This estimate is sent to you for approval. If you approve the estimate, the work is completed on your property.

Emergencies come through the emergency phone line. These are things that must be handled immediately, like frozen pipes. In this case, a vendor is sent out immediately to reduce damage to the property, and the owner is contacted about the problem.

FAQ #5 - How Much can I Charge for my Rental?

Q: How much can I charge for my rental?

A: There are a few simple steps to figure out how to price your home to rent.

Steps to determine rent:

  • Establish your goals

  • Determine your Net Operating Income (NOI)

  • Run a thorough marketing analysis

  • Set rental price

You can also use our rental calculator by clicking here: Calculate the rent I can charge.

FAQ #6 - Does a tenant need a good credit score to rent my place?

Q: Does a tenant need a good credit score to rent my place?

A: We are required by law to treat all applicants equally, so our process is the same for everyone. We do vigorous criminal, background, and credit checks before they are approved as tenants.

A credit score doesn’t always represent a person’s current status or ability to afford their rent. For example, let’s say someone declared bankruptcy years ago. It may still be reflected in their credit score, but they now have more than enough income to rent your property. We require at least 3x the monthly rent as income. If they owe few bills and have a great rental history the last few years, then we may consider them as a tenant.

Also, there could be an applicant with a good credit score, with not enough income and a criminal record. In this case, we would not consider them. Our goal is to minimize risk. We accomplish this by evaluating a tenant based on their entire package.

FAQ #7 - How do you handle tenant disputes?

Q: How do you handle tenant disputes?

A: The best way to handle tenant disputes is to keep them from happening in the first place. We do that by having a strong lease that is thoroughly explained to the tenant before they sign. All of our terms are clearly laid out in the tenant’s lease agreement. If they don’t follow their obligations in the lease agreement, there are well established legal processes to handle the violation. We have a legal team that specializes in property management, and are there when we need them.

If a tenant has a valid health or safety dispute, then we are obligated to fix the issue. If a tenant has a reasonable dispute over a charge, maintenance issue, policy, etc. we have a tenant portal that allows them to document and submit their dispute. Then if we can handle it for them, that’s great! If not, we consult our real estate attorney and the property owner to see if we can all come to a fair, legal agreement. We want to keep tenants happy while maintaining our commitment to our owners.

FAQ #8 - What does the tenant screening process cover?

Q: What does the tenant screening process cover?

A: Our thorough application process includes a credit check, background check, proof of income, verifiable rental history, and any supporting documents that we may require on a case-by-case basis.

FAQ #9 - Do you accept section 8 Tenants? Is it legal to refuse them?

Q: Do you accept section 8 Tenants? Is it legal to refuse them?

A: According to AZ law, an owner can deny tenants who are using government housing assistance to pay their rent. Please keep in mind that we follow all fair housing laws and all applications are set to the same standards for approval or denial.

FAQ #10 - What are your fees for starting up as my property manager?

Q: What are your fees for starting up as my property manager?

A: We are totally transparent with our fees. Our initial fee is $499, and covers:

  • Meetings

  • Marketing photos

  • Marketing the property on all of the main syndicated websites for rentals

  • Facilitating showings

  • Reviewing applicants

  • Executing the lease agreement

After that, we charge an 8% monthly fee of rental income. When it’s time for a lease renewal, there is a $150 fee to cover charges. 

FAQ #11 - Do you have regular drop-by inspections to verify the tenant is maintaining my property?

Q: Given that the tenant is responsible for maintaining the landscaping and interior of my home, do you have any regular drop-by inspections to verify the tenant is fulfilling that obligation?

A: Our regular drive-by inspections check only the exterior of the property. It is not legal for us to regularly enter their home. We can legally enter a property if we give a tenant 48-hour notice. If we suspect any noncompliance to the lease is occurring, then we can serve them the notice and perform an inspection.

The tenant’s lease agreement states that they are responsible for the general maintenance of the property. So we ask the tenants to use our app to perform internal inspections of the entire property every 6-12 months. We also have great relationships with our maintenance vendors. If they see any negligence, they will let us know immediately.

If an owner ever wants to do a walkthrough of the property, they can arrange that with us, and we will serve the 48-hour notice. We do not recommend this unless there is reason to believe there is negligence going on—it violates the tenant’s privacy. If any negligence does occur and results in damage to the property, the tenant will be held legally responsible.

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